Our Barn Yard Rules

We treat our animals like one of the family and we expect everyone that comes in contact with them to treat them with respect and care. Your active support and encouragement of these policies will guarantee a fun, safe, and clean environment for all, and a successful event.

All Children and Guests…

  • Must wash hands after the petting zoo and sanitize to keep everyone healthy (sanitizer will be provided).
  • Must wear clothes and shoes at all times.
  • Are to be supervised by parents or designated adults.
  • Are not permitted to pick up baby animals without zoo personnel assistance.
  • Are not permitted to feed the animals. They have special food to keep them healthy.
  • Are not permitted to yell, run, jump or try to chase the animals in order to prevent the possibility of scaring animals and causing accidents.
  • Are not permitted to smoke, drink or eat around the animals (this includes pacifiers).
  • Are not permitted to have toys in the petting zoo area.
  • Are permitted to have only one child rider at a time for each pony. There is a child weight limit for pony riders. Please let us know the size of the largest child so we can bring the appropriate size pony.
  • Are NOT permitted to have Dogs near the petting zoo. Farm animals fear dogs and will hurt themselves, or others, trying to get away from a dog they do not know. The llama, alpaca and donkey will try to protect the other animals from a dog. Because of this, we must insist that if you have a dog, you keep it away from the animals for the safety of our animals, your pet and your guests.