Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what you booked….15 minutes before scheduled time for a pony ride, 30 minutes before scheduled time for party pack, and 2 hours before scheduled time for a full large zoo with an awning.

You have a couple of choices:

  1. Reschedule
  2. If light rain and not hazardous to walk a pony, we can still do it
  3. Do an inside zoo
  4. Cancel if called 4 hours before scheduled time of arrival

We clean all of the mess from the animals and pony.We try to leave the yard like we were never there.

Our experience has shown that for a party, an hour is all the time you should really need (we can staylonger if you like at an additional charge and if scheduled ahead of time). One pony can handle about 20-25 children in one hour.

For the petting zoo we need a 65ft x 16ft wide flat hard surface.

No. We will not do pony rides on concrete or blacktop. It is not safe. We can do a petting zoo on concrete but at an extra charge.

We do have helmets if you would like. It is up tothe host of the party to make sure helmet is on the children and wiped down between riders.

It depends on the size of your party. Too much foodis not healthy for the animals. When we have a babyanimal on a bottle, we try to schedule feeding time so it falls during a party for the children to help feed.

Yes. We are USDA licensed and inspected. That meansthe USDA can come to our farm any time of day or night and inspect our animals to make sure we are taking proper care of them and that they are healthy. We are also insured. Some parks require proof of insurance if you are going to have animals at a park. We can provide this as long as asked when you book us.